Summer Fun: DIY newspaper fort

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June 6, 2014
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Summer Fun: DIY newspaper fort

DIY Playtime: Newspaper fort

DIY Playtime: Newspaper fort

Summer is finally here! School is over… which means the kids are at home.
Whatever the weather, no matter if the kids go to camp or not, they are bound to spend a little bit of time indoors. So, why not give them something that will keep them playing, having fun, and happy.

In our new summer DIY series, I decided to kick things off by giving you a great DIY project: boys and girls will love it! I personally did this in the corner of my classroom, for a few years now, with children as young as 3, and they love it!
So, get ready to turn off the TV, put away the iPad, and move away from the computer, because you are going to be making and creating things.

Newspaper Forts:

Simply use all of the old newspaper that you may have in your garage, and roll-up some sheets to make an amazing fort.


A great non-commercial alternative to princess castles and other farm or garage structures, it leaves enough to the imagination to nurture every child’s imagination. The only thing they will need is as follow:

–          Newspapers;

–          Scotch Tape;

–          Stapler (for the kids that are old enough).

Have fun, indoors or outdoors, with this great activity. You will need a designated corner, because kids will come back to it frequently.
And, if ever you want more ideas, please come back for more.




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